Philosophy and Ethics Group meetings topics

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24 November 2017
Chris Frith on The Point of Consciousness
8 December 2017
Amia Srinivasan on What is a Woman?
22 December 2017
Katalin Farkas on Knowing a Person
5 January 2018
Roger Scruton on Human Nature
19 January 2018
Shelly Kagan on Death and Deprivation
2 February 2018
Keith Frankish on Conscious Thought
16 February 2018
Kate Jeffery on Concepts and Representation
2 March 2018
Anthony Gottlieb on Pierre Bayle
16 March 2018
Kathleen Stock on Fiction and the Emotions
30 March 2018
David Miller on Immigration
13 April 2018
Sophie Scott on the Meaning of Laughter
27 April 2018
Peter Godfrey-Smith on Mental Representations
11 May 2018
Noel Carroll on Criticism
25 May 2018
Cecile Fabre on Remembrance
8 June 2018
Jesse Prinz on Thinking with Pictures
22 June 2018
Kieran Setiya on the Mid-Life Crisis
6 July 2018
Catherine Wilson on Epicureanism
20 July 2018
Gregg Caruso on Freewill and Punishment
3 August 2018
Greg Currie on the Philosophy of Film
17 August 2018
Katherine Morris on Merleau-Ponty on the Body
31 August 2018
Michael Devitt on Experimental Semantics
14 September 2018
Steven Hyman on Categorising Mental Disorders
28 September 2018
Leif Wenar on Trade and Tyranny
12 October 2018
Katrin Flikschuh on Philosophy in Africa
26 October 2018
Carlo Rovelli on Philosophy and Physics
9 November 2018
John Worrall on Evidence-Based Medicine
23 November 2018
Joshua Greene on the Construction of Thought
7 December 2018
Graham Priest on Buddhism and Philosophy
21 December 2018
Jesse Prinz on Is Everything Socially Constructed?
4 January 2019
Massimo Pigliucci on the Demarcation Problem
18 January 2019
David Owens on Duty
1 February 2019
Kimberley Brownlee on Social Deprivation..
15 February 2019
Shelly Kagan on Speciesism24:33
2 years ago
The philosopher Peter Singer is famous for his attack on speciesism, the alleged prejudice that many exhibit in favour of human interests when compared with the interests of other animals. Here Shelly Kagan outlines Singer's position and takes issue with it.
1 March 2019
Susan James on Foucault and Knowledge21:37
2 years ago
Michel Foucault's work explores a wide range of topics; it includes histories of both punishment and sex. He also wrote more abstractly about philosophical topics. One theme to which he kept returning, whatever the topic, was the nature of our knowledge. Susan James discusses this thread in his work
15 March 2019
Larry Temkin on Transitivity20:57
2 years ago
How do you choose which course of action is best? It seems reasonable that if A is better than B, and B is better than C, A must be better than C. But is it? Larry Temkin challenges this idea, known as the axiom of transitivity.
29 March 2019
William B. Irvine on Living Stoically13:30
2 years ago
How should we live? is a basic philosophical question. The Stoics had some answers. But are they relevant today? William B. Irvine thinks so. Listen to his conversation with Nigel Warburton
12 April 2019
Steven Lukes on Power14:25
2 years ago
What is power? Steven Lukes argues for a three-dimensional account of this concept
26 April 2019
Theodore Zeldin on Philosophy and History12:09
2 years ago
The historian and writer Theodore Zeldin gives his personal take on the relation betwen philosophy and history in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.
10 May 2019
Jesse Prinz on Art and Emotion20:29
2 years ago
What part do emotions play in our appreciation of art? Jesse Prinz explores the sense of wonder at artworks in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.
24 May 2019
Cassim Quassam on Conspiracy Theories20:47
2 years ago
What is a conspiracy? Why do conspiracies - real or imagined - matter to philsophy? Cassim Quaassam explores these questions in conversation with Nigel Warburton
7 June 2019
Tim Williamson on the Appeal of Relativism13:47
2 years ago
Are all truths relative? That's an attractive idea for many people. Tim Williamson, Wykeham Professor of Logic at Oxford University discusses why and attempts to immunise us against sloppy thinking in this area.
21 June 2019
Shaun Nichols on Death and the Self14:43
2 years ago
How does your view of the self affect your attitude to your own death? Shaun Nichols discusses this question in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.
  Rebecca Roache on Swearing17:40
2 years ago
Warning: this episode on the philosophy of swearing includes swearing. Rebecca Roache discusses swearing and whether there are good arguments for refraining from it.
  Lisa Bortolotti on Irrationality17:18
2 years ago
We're all irrational some of the time, probably more of the time than we are ready to acknowledge. Lisa Bortolotti discusses the nature of irrationality with Nigel Warburton in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.
  Jonathan Webber on Deceiving With Words13:32
2 years ago
There are many ways to deceive with words, some of which don't involve lying. In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Jonathan Webber considers whether it matters or not if you lie.
  Simon Critchley on Suicide17:37
2 years ago
Albert Camus described suicide as the 'one really serious philosophical problem'. In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Simon Critchley discusses suicide with Nigel Warburton.