Philosophy and Ethics Group meetings (Click here for Past Topics)

23 August 2019 Paul Sagar on Scepticism about Philosophy
13 September 2019 Katherine Hawley on Trustworthiness
27 September 2019 Rebecca Roache on Swearing
11 October 2019 How biology, not religion, made humans moral
25 October 2019 Steven Lukes on Power
  Theodore Zeldin on Philosophy and History
  Jesse Prinz on Art and Emotion
  Cassim Quassam on Conspiracy Theories
  Tim Williamson on the Appeal of Relativism.
  Lisa Bortolotti on Irrationality
  Jonathan Webber on Deceiving With Words
  Susan James on Foucault and Knowledge
  Larry Temkin on Transitivity
  Teresa Bejan on Civility
  Carlo Rovelli on Philosophy and Physics